It Takes A Village…

…to write a book.ittakesavillage Today as I scrambled through my feelings of nervousness and second-guessing over my short story submission, my writer sisters came to my rescue. They each read my submission in its entirety (all 1,400 words) and gave me the feedback I needed in their own unique way. One was very thorough on the typos and punctuation. Another pointed out a break in the flow. While another brought an inconsistency to my attention. They each played a role in the birthing of a polished story ready for submittal…and I am grateful. I feel much better about the piece and ready to submit it.

My point…writing takes a village to write a book. Though it may seem that way, there is a whole community that goes into writing before a book even makes it to the publication stage. There are those that inspire the story, those that listen to the babbling of a writer telling what the story will be about, and those that listen to the story in its raw forms.

I am thankful for my village.

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  1. Nikki Chisholm

    . So proud of you.

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