5 Essentials of Writing

handiswritingThere’s a lot that goes into writing, regardless of the genre, or whether its fiction or non-fiction. Across the board, a writer needs the essentials to make the writing work.

1. Trust Yourself. As a writer, you have to trust yourself. The craft itself already comes with its share of doubts and fears. There, right there on your shoulder, is that inner critic waiting to red ink the words before you even finish getting them on the page.

2. Let it Flow. What’s inside you as far as writing goes has to come out…and it won’t  all read like perfectly written lyrics. It takes time to get to that point. There is a certain order to writing. First you must get it all out…all of it. The good, the bad, and the ‘please toss this in the nearest trashcan’ writing included. From there, you can decide what to keep and what to get rid of, what to edit for greatness and what to line your shredder bin with. Let it flow and worry about what fits and what doesn’t later.

3. Be An Audience of One. As far back as book writing and publishing goes, there have been trends in the market. And there always will be. So why alter your craft, and your passion for it by writing what’s hot. If urban romance, science fiction, and fantasy aren’t the kinds of writing that makes your heart skip a beat, make piece with it and move on to what really gets your blood flowing.  Stay true to your craft by nurturing just that. Its where your best writing awaits.

4. Honor The Process. Sometimes the process involves taking a nap. Sometimes it means waking up at 3am. Sometimes the process is ever-changing. Whatever it is, honor it for what it is and don’t  be afraid of having one that is unique to your way of writing. Not every writer writes for 8 hours a day, then goes back through and edits, then its off to the publisher. In fact, MOST writers don’t  follow that process. Be open and flexible to the way you write, the time, the mood, the method…the process. Honor it.

5. Now Is not The Time. When its time to write…write. When its time to research…research. And when its time to move into the world of publication…be sure your not still at the place of dipping your toe in the lukewarm water of moving from an idea to an outline. In writing, there is a time and a place…well, there’s definitely a time for writing and a time for worrying about the ins and outs of publishing. Heard the phrase “Don’t  put the cart before the horse.” This is where it applies.

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