Guess Who’s Back?

Hello Spring 2105Hello B-Utifulz!

Has it really been almost a year since I’ve added a blog entry? Say it aint so! Well Im back and I definitely intend to update more often.

To catch you up to speed…the quick version…
…started school (and loving it) to obtain my degree to eventually become a college professor. Yep, that’s the goal.
…returning to poetry after some years and it feels fabulous! Get ready for whats to come in April, which is National Poetry Month…but you knew that, right?
…settling into a new creative space and revamping my coaching programs. Those interested in kickstarting their writeLife…its on!

Lastly (my editor is going to strangle me for those darn “ly” wordies…LOL), here’s a haiku in my current state of mind with this slow approach of spring.

Another Time,

        “Come Spring”

Grass stretching upward
Searching for spring beyond the chills
Summoning the warm sun.

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