Lyrics of an Awakening


Now is the time for the awakening…of Truth, Consciousness, and Reality. Through the pages of Lyrics of an Awakening, this time is captured through poetic verse. Brook Blander, author and poetess, and editor of From This Day Forward, a commitment journal for serious writers, takes poetry lovers through the journey of answering the call to consciousness. Woven, at times delicately and at other times in the rawest form, are the lyrics of everyday life experiences that effect each and every one of us.

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I am not a huge fan of poetry but when I opened the edition of Brook Blanders’, Lyrics of an Awakening, I found myself absorbed. I hung on the edge of every word, feeling the heavy burden of emotion, joy of triumph and pleasure that the various works presented. This is truly a must read poetry book. You will find yourself turning the pages, as if reading a novel. The depictions so close to ones own personal challenges and achievements. I will surely follow this author as she continues to write. Intriguing, tantalizing and stunning depictions through written art.
– Sheila Striglers | Tampa, FL

The poetry in this book is very touching and informative. Blanders uses words to evoke the spirit of her ancestors and the soul of her beliefs. Each poem gives the reader a little peek into her life and knowledge of her transitioning wisdom. Lyrics of an Awakening is a good book to purchase and I would advise keeping a close watch for more pieces in the future from this dynamic writer.
-Aziza Aremo | Detroit, MI

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