Personal: Intimate Comforts of Reflection

personal-onbookYou are cordially invited to the intimate comforts of reflection through poetry and prose from poetess Brook Blander in her second lyrical collection entitled Personal. Personal. is reflection in a lounge therapy session.

This book settles into the truths of self, family, society, love, and the waters that have passed under the bridges of life offering us a compilation of poetry, haiku, prose and journal entries from the reflections of it all. Blander gets intimate in lyric, taking us beneath the surface of ourselves and into the comforts of personal truth.

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Personal. is not just a poetry book; it is an opening to the journey of a life.  Many of the viewing eyes will find a part of themselves in this book. I got lost in reading her words but found myself remembering exactly from where I had come.
– Renair Amin | Artist and Pmyner Founder | New York

– Kimberly Perdue-Sims | Author of Transcendent and Sensuously Seasoned | Lousiville, KY

Brook Blander s Personal gives us a rich mixture of prose and commentary infused with flecks of her soul. From the powerfully self-affirming Survivor Child to the playful sassiness of The Derriere Chant to the raw emotion and symbolic release of Shuga Water and Broken Chains, Blander opens herself to the reader without shame, using her life experiences as a weapon to inform, instruct and most importantly, inspire. I look forward to future offerings from this passionate wordsmith.
– Susan A. Webley | Founder, Writing For Your Life | New York

Poetry is such an intense personal thing that I honestly hate reviewing it, scared I might offend the poet and the reader. I feel that words have to catch you in the moment of acceptance, turning into love. Brook Blander removes that blockage for me by sharing of herself so much that I move past my usual likes and dislikes attempting to learn her in “Personal. Intimate Comforts of Reflection”. I enjoyed to put it mildly, savoring pieces one at a time before totally falling in love with the added bonus of two short two excerpts from upcoming novels “The Secret of Sweet Tea” and “Where Ocean Meets Sky”. I’m waiting in anticipation for those to come my way…
– A. Williams | Jacksonville, FL

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