Eatin’ my way out of the US

Red Snapper, Pico de Gallo, and Beans

With as many cuisines and flavors and spices and cooking methods coming my way via Spain (and other stops), I am indeed looking forward to international foodie-ism. But that doesn’t mean I won’t miss what I have at home in the US. Being from Savannah, GA, I’m a coastal woman and I enjoy my fair share (and your share, too) of seafood. Shrimp, oysters, calamari, fish, conch, and so on and so on. So before I stepped off of US soil, I needed my fix.

My Sister and EAT. HEAL. LIVE.™️ Founder, Alejandra, and I decided to try out a new spot in Southlake, TX, called Shuck Me. The food is prepared fresh when you make your seafood selection. It’s kind of like to the fish market style of ordering food back home (Sav). You choose your fish (or shrimp, or frog legs…yes, I said it. They taste like chicken. They do.) Ale tried red snapper, which was new  for her.


Oysters, Oyster, Oysters!

Me, on the other hand, stuck to what I know and what I was craving in abundance. Oysters. Oysters! OYSTERS! (If you do not like oysters and find then gross and all that other stuff, feel free to turn your nose up to your computer/cell screen and keep it to yourself. This is my party.) I wanted raw oysters, I wanted fried oysters. I even wanted grilled oysters (which I had the following night at dinner with my BFF, but forgot to take a picture).

Needless to say, after all that great food and an amazing margarita, my one hour drive back to my BFF’s house was a happy, stuffed, and craving satisfied one…until the next day when I was ready to start all over again 🙂

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