5 Perfectly Good Reasons To Not Travel Abroad

Trust me, this is a list you NEED to read before you even bother getting the dang passport:

  1. You are content (or flat-out happy) with your life and have no interest in adding any new and exciting adventures to your story. Stay put. Nothing to see here.
  2. You hate interacting with new people from different backgrounds and cultures. Nope. This is not for you.
  3. Taking time out from your daily routine to shake things up (or slow them down…your life, your call) upsets you. Don’t rock the boat, baby.
  4. You’re content with what you know about and have experienced with your 5 senses and would prefer not to disrupt things in those areas. Chicken is fried, ham is baked, seafood is steamed, and there’s definitely only 6 kinds of vegetables. 7 at most. Been there done that. Don’t need the (traveler’s) T-shirt.
  5. You prefer to plan your seasoned years looking back over your life and not have to reminisce on all those stupid experiences. You can clearly see yourself being annoyed by how they would have shaped you for something better than mediocre. I feel you. Plan ahead. Buy the rocking chair.

Oh, and 6. …its scary and you prefer a life where you never have to adjust or deal with growing your life and learning to be courageous. Why!?!?!? No. Really. Why bother?

For everyone else…pack your bags! We’re out of here.

But before we go, I gotta ask. Just wanna know. What’s the real reason you can’t do this if it’s something you really want to do? Go ahead. I’ll wait. But not too long. My flight leaves in two weeks.


2 Thoughts to “5 Perfectly Good Reasons To Not Travel Abroad”

  1. Lenore

    Do empt nesters have all the fun?

  2. Lenore

    Do empty-nesters have all the fun?

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