Packing and Packing

I am tired. My tired is tired. And my overwhelm is through the roof. I’m packing up my place. I’m packing my luggage to go visit my mom, my Sun, my #NC family, including a little babygirl who somehow stole my heart and I don’t want to take it back, and her mommies that always bring me joy and laughter (and bad games of #Jenga). I’m packing for Spain. I’m packing up clothes to donate. I’m packing the items and clothes I’ll need easy access to between Spain and my next trip. Like I said, I’m tired.

packing boxes

Thankfully, I have Love and some amazing friends that have been assisting me so that I don’t go bonkers (or end up crying at 2 am on their porch because I can’t handle the pressure of finding the sticky part of the tape that always gets stuck when it’s time to close the next box). Whatever the reason, I have a pretty awesome #framily that make life better in the midst of this chaos.

Am I the only one who hates packing? Like, do you wish you could just skip that part and go right to your vacation, or move, or planet run-away? Raise your hand if you like packing. Readers, these are the people (with their hands raised) we will not speak to for the next three days.

I want everything to just show up wherever I plan to show up and return to wherever I plan to return. This is too much. One day when I get rich and famous, I’m going to hire a personal packer. And a shoe-buyer. And a person to adjust the air conditioner or heater in the middle of the night (air conditioner and heater middle of the night adjuster…it’s a thing. Trust me.). And a masseuse to relax my dog after her walks. I’m tired.

6 Thoughts to “Packing and Packing”

  1. Jaiden

    Air conditioner and heater adjusting is a real struggle. I thought it was just me… Wish I could be there to help you pack :/

  2. Lenore

    Are you tired?

  3. Aziza Aremo...When Packing Goes HayWire

    Packing can cause fatigue, but that could be connected to all the travel and adventure. Be sure to enjoy every moment, rest and relax, and take small meditations to get your positive juices going.

    1. BrookB

      Sure will. Thanks a bunch for the reminder 🙂

  4. Honey, I can’t say that I love love packing but I have to pack. I need to make sure I take what I need. Although I still end up missing the amount of site I need. It always happens, I know I get on my sister’s nerves because she obey packs and I just try to pack the necessities and end up having to borrow something from her. Lmao! It’s cool. I’ll be doing best from here on out

  5. Von

    This right here is funny to me, lolol
    “and her mommies that always bring me joy and laughter (and bad games of #Jenga).” You must lose a lot when you play, ijs
    And months later you are still packing and unpacking moving from one adventure to another… Has the packing gotten any easier?
    I don’t prefer one over the other and I’m thankful that you have friends who can keep you from going bonkers in the process. Sending you loads of positive vibes for future the packing and unpacking that you will engage in.

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