Yes I CAN!!! YES I did!


I can’t believe I have not updated my blog since January. Really? Seriously?!?! I should be ashamed to show my face around here. So I won’t . I’ll show you my feet. And my Sketchers Go Walk Tracker. And my Advocare Spark. This is in no way an advertisement for the products (check out the shoes…its like walking on a foam mattress 🙂 ). I promise I’m not a representative of any of the companies. Heck I can barely make time to sell my books, more less workout and health products. And what the heck does all of this have to do with have to do with writing?!?!? Well just hang on…

So I’m doing my version of  14 days of detoxification, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and yes, physically. This isn’t about some crazy diet or workout plan. I’m not doing anything different physically and eating wise other than being more present while I’m consuming foods and beverages and making and taking time to go for my walks, take detoxing baths, and breathe. No fast pace movement around here.  But in the midst of my detoxification period falls the date for the TakeCancerOut 5K I promised to participate in over a year ago. I’m walking, (if you see me running, please believe me when I say you should run too because something really big and bad is chasing me), and I’m proud that I have finally hit the 3 miles necessary to complete it. You see, I have arthritis in my right hip and lower back, which limits me on many physical activities. Leave it to the doctors to say “you need to refrain from doing X,Y,and Z”. Well I decided to make part of my detoxification process detoxing from what others say I cannot do. And today, I did just that!

Today, I walked with no pain! Today, I kept going pass the point of being tired! Today, I kept walking in spite of knowing it will not cost me anything nor will it be the end of the world if I just give up on doing the race altogether! Today, I conquered!  And here’s why (and the point of this post that thus far, has seemed to have nothing to do with writing…) :


1.  I prepared. Preparation, in writing and working out, is a big part of succeeding. Set up a schedule. Designate the time you are going to work towards your goal and commit to it. Also, ensure you have the appropriate tools to do the work. In writing, that’s outlines, research, journal notes, recorders, etc. In writing, that’s the proper work out shoes, timers and trackers, and the nutritional goodies needed to perform at your optimal level.

2. I saw the end. For doing a 5K, I knew the treadmill needed to hit 3.1 miles. I envisioned that number in every step. In writing, where do you desire your writing to end up. We’re not talking ‘how does the story end?’ I mean with your readers, what do you want them to experience? Entertainment, motivation, a different perspective. Know what you are working towards manifesting the vision with everything in you.

3. I pressed mute. I have an online account I need to set up to pay a bill. I also have four pots of herbs that I need to pot. And don’t  even get me started on how bad I need to go grocery shopping. If you give me the time, I can list off so many things I need to get done, I could have written several novels by the time I hit the end of my to-do list. There will always be something. Always. Trust me on that one. What you have to do is press mute. Put on the workout clothes. You have to press mute. Shut off your phone and internet and silence social media. You have to press mute. Walk. Press mute. Write! Go. Go. GO!

Today was a good day… no, a great day. And tomorrow can be the same. And the next day. And the next day. Its all about getting ready, seeing it, and breaking through anything that stands in your way.

I promise not to stay away so long again…

Until next time,


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