WriteLife™ Coaching

I’m Brook Blander, affectionately known as “Nya” to my family and close friends. The name Nya means purpose, and my purpose in life is to create a change in the lives of women through my own writing and coaching other women writers.


My own writing journey began at the tender age of five years old. Too young to begin school with my friends, I learned to read and write at home under my mother’s guidance. As an only child, I found solace in creating adventures and stories that involved children and other characters who were available to play all day, any day. When life began to take turns around corners housing abuses, pain and tragic truths, writing and journaling became my refuge.

Working with me as your WriteLife™ Coach will be the missing piece in a life you may be seeking as a writer with a moving pen. Whether Im facilitating a group writing workshop, or a one-on-one coaching session with a client…the writing will happen, and the life changes will follow. You, the writer, will hear the small voice inside you. It will turn up the volume. It will no longer be ignored.  You, the writer, will see a reflection of who you are on the pages of your writing. You, the writer, will see the story you desire to tell is indeed worthy of being told.

The same writing that once harbored the secrets of my life is the same writing I now expose as a way of connecting with other women and young girls. It serves as a witness to the therapeutic benefits awaiting. My poetry is my life’s testimony and my fiction writing is a voice for those who have been silenced. My work as a WriteLife™ Coach is my life’s work with women from all walks of life to find their unique voice through writing and sharing it with the world.

I, Brook Blander, the WriteLife™ Coach, would be honored to witness your change, your evolution, and your growth through writing. So let’s begin, shall we?

Your WriteLife Coach,


What Does A Writing Coach Do?

– A writing coach is a supporter, an advisor, and a sounding board.
– A writing coach works with the writer on their writing project from start to finish.
– A writing coach creates the structure needed to keep the writer writing.
– A writing coach provides helpful feedback on how to strengthen and improve the story.
– A writing coach offers the objective response of an outsider– with the encouragement of one who wants you to reach your goals.
– A coach empowers the writer to complete their project.

How Does Coaching Work?

Based on your preferences, your coaching sessions will take place via:

– Tele-sessions
– E-mail correspondence
– Writing exercises to keep your project moving forward
– Journaling prompts and exercises to ensure that you are checking in with your personal self.
– Suggestions of articles, reading lists, websites, and other resources.

Coaching Session Options:

– Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly sessions
– 55 minute sessions
– Phone sessions only

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